Downtown North Neighborhood Association (DTNNA)

A volunteer association of the residents in the DTN area for addressing issues and interfacing with the Government and business agencies that effect the neighborhood






Leaf Blower project: F.A.Q: June 23, 2005,Police Dept -- The Palo Alto City Council has decided to enforce the leaf blower ban. We have recieved some information on this (see the detailed page) and there will be a discussing this situation: (flyer)

Traffic Calming (details) -- Installed 7 closures to reduce the cut through traffic in the neighborhood.

Parking Permits -- Currently waiting for the parking structures to be completed, probably early 2004. Then the plan is to have parking permits for DTN residents. The timeline and discussion of this project is on a subsequent page


City of Palo Alto Service Efforts and Accomplishments Report 2002-03 Annual Report on City Government Performance (Auditing reports)

Communicatons -- My notes on the possibility of improving the City's WEB site and other City -- Citizen communication

Down Town Library closure, The Library Commission presented its plan to the City Council that includes closing to closing the Downtown Library

Fiber to the Home funding options are scheduled to be presented to Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission this summer. For previous information see (business Plan, Phase 2)

Special Flood Hazard Areas (Proposed changes in the requirements of houses in the (SFHA)" (Flood zone map). If a house is remodeled it may require major upgrades... Meeting notice

Implementation of New Urbanism through Zoning 07/18/2003, 2:30 - 4:30 in the Council Chambers. New urbanism discussion paper , info mailto:Robbon Wnkler

Retail Services in Palo Alto forum sponsored by Palo Alto Neighborhood, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM Forum Woman’s Club, 475 Homer Street (Shopping Habits Survey)

Downtown Vacancy Report -- 1/23/2004 -- the real estate conditions as reported by the Planning Division staff (Summary)

PAN Questionnaire to candidates (WORD format)


Meeting minutes
  • June 27, 2003 -- Steering committee meeting
  • June 19, 2003 -- Annual meeting
  • April 2002 -- Annual meeting

    DTNNA officers

  • Dan Lorimer, President
  • Josh Mogal, Vice President
  • Mike Liveright, Secretary
  • LaNell Mimmack, Treasure
  • The list is used for infrequent, 26-52 times/year, mailings of concern to the neighborhood, generally having to do with Land Use issues and to communicate from the City to our members and other interested people.

    Mailing list maintained on

    E-mail to List owners

    Please mail your DTNNA Dues to pay for parties, meeting rooms, printing, etc. ( $20.00/year per household) to

    LaNell Mimmack, 422 Palo Alto Ave. 94301-1217.


    We would like to know:

    DTNNA Neighbor,


    As a registered member in the Downtown North Neighborhood Association database, we have this e-mail address on file for use in sending you timely and relevant neighborhood and Palo Alto-wide information. Would you please verity that this is the correct e-mail address for us to use in sending you electronic notices? Much of our other database information is also out-of-date. If you feel comfortable doing so, please help us with the following additional information so that we can reach you for more urgent or critical issues where e-mail may prove inadequate.

    Note that this information will never be seen by anyone other than the DTNNA Officers and will never be shared with any 3rd party without your expressed permission.

    If possible, please provide us with the following:

    E-mail address:
    First name:
    Last name:
    Street address:
    Home phone:
    Work phone

    Year moved to Downtown North
    Own (Y or N)

    Your neighborhood needs your help! Additional Block Captains are needed for flyer distribution 1-2 times a year - would you be interested (Y/N)

    The easiest form for me to Copy/Paste the information into our data base is as successive fields, separated by Tabs, or if necessary commas. with invalid fields filled in with "N/A"

    Thanks Mike Liveright


    Click on map to see more detailed map of Traffic Calming

    Palo Alto Land Usage Designations (708 KB pdf)

    Block assignments and Captains for Flyers


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    June 27, 2005

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