The Council approved plan includes 7 street closures, 3 gateway features and
1 bulb-out pair within the neighborhood as well as intersection improvements
at Alma/Lytton and Lytton/Middlefield and traffic advisory signs along
Middlefield and Alma. As we discussed we will implement all the Council
approved features of the plan except improvements at Middlefield/Lytton.
Splitting this signal to a 4-way signal could be problematic and we will
consider splitting it as a last resort.

While working with Dan (thanks Dan for all your efforts and help), we have
prepared many alternative conceptual designs, only the preferred conceptual
designs for the street closures, gateway features and the bulb-out pair are
shown in the attachment. These designs have the same theme. They all
include raised medians with 6" AC curbs and decomposed granite. They all
have wooden fencing except the bulb-out pair. The street closures include a
11' opening in the middle of the street with a removable bollard for
emergency vehicle access and signing.

We agreed to proceed forward with the preferred designs except some of the
fine tuning we did during the meeting. My understanding of the fine tuning
includes the following. Please advise if your understanding does not meet my

Street Closures:
1. All will have a removable bollard except the one on Everett between High
and emerson. This one will have a concrete block in the middle with perhaps
a flexible post.
2. All closures will be set back 20' from the cross street face of the curb,
and the curb in between painted red.
3. The fencing would be 4' high as well as the top of the sign would be 4'
high from the street surface.
4. Fencing could be redwood with natural stain with reflectors on the posts
for visibility or white picket fence.

Gateway Features:
1. The central opening will be 20'.
2. They will be set back 20' from the cross street face of the curb, and the
curb in between painted red.
3. The height of the fencing will be 3' and the fencing will match the
street closure fencing.
4. They may or may not have signs. Josh will advise Ashok, if we should
have signs. Signs will, however, go on a seperate wooden post.

Bulb-Out Pair:
1. Will be set back 10' from the cross street face of the curb.
2. It won't have any fencing.
3. It will have signs. We will work on the wording of the sign.

Signing Along Middlefield and Alma:
1. Up to two signs each on each of the street before Everett and Hawthorne
would be posted. Wording could be refined, but the wording suggeted at the

Once again thank you all.