Downtown North Neighborhood Association (DTNNA)

2003 mintues

June 19, 2003 -- Annual meeting

June 27, 2003 -- Steering committe meeting

June 19, 2003 -- Annual meeting:

The DTNNA meeting to elect the leaders and to discuss the current status of projects was held in senior center on June 19-th, 2003, and as the traffic calming project was being implemented, there was a large turn out and lively discussion of the project.

The past leaders were reelected.

The status of the parking plan was discussed, e.g. that the city has approved residential parking permits for the area, but that this was on hold until the completion of the parking structures, toward the end of 2003. It was mentioned that the purpose of the permits was to keep the parking to residents and their guests and not to permit the city to use these places as overflow for the commercial expansion.

The status of the traffic calming project was discussed, e.g. that the barriers were being installed and that we are identifying some benefits and also some problems with the project. Though the project has been developed over the last 7 years it was clear that many of the attendees felt that they could contribute to its improvement and DTNNA recommits itself to following the well of the residents and to improving the project and then evaluating it

Though there was a discussion of who can officially vote for the leaders which will be clarified and changes ratified in the next meeting. , e.g. whether DTNNA includes the boundaries, it was re-stated that DTNNA welcomes participation of people in the neighborhood regardless of their official status and whether they are members of other neighborhood associations.

DTNNA has established committees for parking, traffic and social events. It plans to form a working committee to deal with zoning. This group would develop DTTNA recommendations to the Planning Commission with regard to commercial developements within or abutting Downtown North.

Note: Any new issues are welcome, but recognize that these will only proceed if there are people who are willing to push them, so if propose an issue, assume that you will have to volunteer to work to make it happen


June 27, 2003 -- Steering committe meeting

The DTNNA steering committee meeting of June 27, 2003 was called to order at 3:20 pm

1) MEMBERSHIP -- DTNNA membership is the residential owners and renters in the Alma, Palo Alto ave., Middlefield, Lytton area including those on the arterials and excluding those of the existing 101 Alma apartments as they have their own neighborhood association. This "clarified" definition of the DTNNA membership will be ratified at our next meeting.

2) BYLAWS -- The 1997 Bylaws are posted: .

3) PROJECTS -- the "time line",decisions, and discussion of the Traffic Calming and the Parking Permit projects. will be posted in a few weeks, and this Email list will be used to inform users of these postings.

4) LIBRARY CLOSURE -- We have been notified that the Down Town Library may be closed, and though DTNNA as a group has not voted to take a position on this closure, this Email is being used to inform you of this possibility in case you were not informed. The Email discussing this is on our web site

5) CURRENT STATUS -- DTNNA currently has 2 open projects, Traffic Calming and Parking Permits, and a general direction to maintain the residential character of the neighborhood as opposed to "unfettered" growth of the business load on the community.

FEEDBACK -- We encourage feedback and any other projects that you want to start to the moderated group . I request that anyone who is interested in what we do join: We are also interested in updating our demographic information on members:

The meeting was adjourned after about half an hour.

July 7, 2003