Sample Letter of Support for the City of Palo Alto

Palo Alto Children’s Library



Address (See attached list)

Re:       City of Palo Alto – FY 2004 VA-HUD & Independent Agencies Appropriations

            Palo Alto Children’s Library

Dear Senator or Congressman _____:

On behalf of _________, I write in support of the City of Palo Alto’s request for federal funding for the Palo Alto Children’s Library. 

The Children’s Library, designed by locally known architect Birge Clark, is the first stand-alone library in the United States built exclusively for children.  Approximately 124,000 patrons from Palo Alto and the surrounding areas visit the Children’s Library each year to indulge in the library’s collection of over 40,000 volumes.  As a result, the Children’s Library provides services that are not available at the Main Library to children aged birth to middle school and their caregivers.  Over the years, the library’s growing popularity has negatively impacted the building itself and contributed to disagreeable conditions associated with overcrowding.

 [If desired, add any pertinent information regarding the relationship of your organization and the Palo Alto Children’s Library]

It is my understanding that the City of Palo Alto has requested a congressional earmark of $500,000 in the Fiscal Year 2004 VA-HUD and Independent Agencies Appropriations Bill under the Economic Development Initiative for the Palo Alto Children’s Library.  I believe the library is a tremendous asset to our community and I seek your support of the City’s request.  Thank you.


Please note that some Capitol Hill mail is still being delayed by increased mail security procedures.  If possible, faxing the letters ensures they are received in a timely manner. 

The Honorable Dianne Feinstein

United States Senate

331 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510

Fax: (202) 228-3954

Telephone: (202) 224-3841

The Honorable Barbara Boxer

United States Senate

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20510

Fax:  (202) 228-2382

Telephone: (202) 224-3553

The Honorable Anna Eshoo

Member of Congress

205 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, D.C.  20515

Fax:  (202) 225-8104

Telephone: (202) 225-8890