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Old, 1998 Schedule

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Here is a picture of the Protest against the Closures

Modified No Closure Plan schedule SJM Apr 9, 2004 (local copy)


The traffic calming closures are complete as of September 2003, as shown in map

Please E-mail us,, or the city, if there are problems so that we can determine how the plan should be adjusted to improve the traffic flow so that the project can be "tuned" to achieve its purpose of reducing the cut through traffic with as little inconvenience as possible. Also there is a forum, the DTN that allows DTN residents to discuss topics of interest and maintain a record of the problems and benefits of this project as well as others.

At this time (7/11/2003) the following problems have been reported. (Preliminary MLL)

  1. There is an increase in traffic on the Arterials, Lytton and Middlefield
  2. There is cut through traffic on Hamilton near Middlefield
  3. There is cut through traffic on Emerson
  4. The bulb-outs seem to not work, and cause safety/congestion

Other material

Old, 1998 Schedule

The following is the schedule showing the completion dates of the 20 tasks involved in the Traffic Project that was presented to DTNNA members in 1998.


Task    Date of Schedule                 <-Duration->    <-Finish Date->
        01/28/98                        fast    likely  early  realistic       comments
1       scope of work                   9       13      Apr-98  APR-98  
2       city staff review               0       6       Apr-98  Jun-98  4-6 Mo. choosing consultant
3       policy & services/finance       4       6       Apr-98  Jul-98  starts with Jul. 98 budget
4       RFP                             6       2       Jun-98  Aug-98  
5       mail/wait                       4       5       Jul-98  Sep-98  
6       review/interview                2       3       Jul-98  Sep-98  
7       negotiate                       4       6       Aug-98  Nov-98  
8       council action                  3       3       Sep-98  Dec-98  
9       study begins                    2       3       Sep-98  DEC-98  
10      data collection                 6       8       Nov-98  Feb-99  6-9 mos for study (from
11      alternative analysis            8       12      DEC-98  May-99  Dec 98 - Sep 99)
12      neighborhood meeting            4       4       Jan-99  Jun-99  
13      preferred alternative           0       2       Jan-99  Jun-99  
14      final staff report              8       12      Mar-99  Sep-99  
15      policy and services comm        4       6       Apr-99  Oct-99  
16      council resolution, budget      0       8       APR-99  DEC-99  
17      staff report for budgeting      8       13      Jun-99  Mar-00  
18      council: budget amendment       0       0       Jun-99  Mar-00  
19      improvements begin              26      39      DEC-99  DEC-00  work done by transportation
20      improvements done               8       12      Feb-00  Mar-01  dept or public works

Information on the Traffic Calming project

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